February 2nd: Cadbury Salted Peanut Biscuit Fingers

Kcal 100 Fat 5.6g Fat(sats) 3.1g Carbs 11.1g (per 4 fingers)

Is it really February already? It almost seems like just yesterday we were giving you guys our tips for Christmas! Well cometh the end of January, cometh the end of the silly 'faddy' diets we all went on in January! Indeed it's time the hand went back in to the biscuit jar and our pals at Cadbury certainly aren't helping our will power to stay away. Why so you ask!? Well they've only just gone and released two new flavours of some of their yummiest biscuits of course! Yep over the next two weeks we will be giving you the rundown on them - starting today with these very promising sounding Cadbury Salted Peanut Biscuit Fingers.

You should be able to find these in your local Sainsbury's supermarket, priced on an £1.00 introductory offer and inclusive of 93.0g worth of biscuity fingers. You shouldn't have any difficulty picking them out on the shelves - they have a distinct orangey tint to the sides of the box that should see you pick them out relatively easy. Inside the pack the fingers are kept in the usual plastic tray, plastic packet combo. To be honest the packaging mattered little as it was quickly discarded and the full packet emptied on a tray for a single sitting team tea break tasting session.

The aroma coming from the fingers gave only a minor hint of their peanutty flavouring. Taste wise the Cadbury Fingers predominantly maintained their sweet chocolatey taste close to the originals, though there was a minor salt enhanced peanutty flavouring evident during the latter stages of the taste development. The team were pretty split down the middle as to whether they liked these or not. Some thought the peanut flavours were a little artificial tasting whilst an equal number really liked the clash of salt and sweet in the same mouthful. Suffice to say although they split opinion the end result was still an empty plate of biscuits and many a happy smile on all our faces.

Overall these Cadbury Salted Peanut Biscuit Fingers didn't go down quite as well as we first expected they might do but they were a fair variation of flavour based on the standard Cadbury Fingers Biscuits. Though they did have their fans the whole team agreed a superior way to have done these would have been to have used real peanut butter running in the middle of the biscuit portion. That however folks would be in a perfect world, you will unfortunately have to make do with these. Whilst they aren't perfect they do a job and are worth a try if you are peanut mad.

7.0 out of 10