February 4th: Belfine Valentine's Day Chocolates

Kcal 196 Fat 12.4g Fat(sats) 7.6g Carbs 18.2g (per 35.0g bar/lollypop) 

You guys must all have your Valentine's Day chocolates sorted for that special someone yeh!? ...really!?? You haven't!? Well don't worry - @ChocMission to the rescue as normal folks! Yes we've been trying all the great good and ugly for the past month, luckily today with over 10 days left we are going to point you in the direction of some very special chocolates from our friends at Belfine Fine Chocolates. Belfine have gone with the decision to keep things simple this year - their Valentine's Day range is headlined by these very fine chocolate bar and chocolate lollypop options!

Both the lollypop and chocolate bar come in 35.0g servings - a nice amount for just a small chocolate treat that isn't OTT. Whilst different shapes and designs, both the bar and lollypops have milk chocolate bases and are decorated with white chocolate. Some may argue that the word 'LOVE' printed on them is a little cheesey, but trust us, we've seen far far worse - at least the designs are nicely done and look classy!

Both the bar and lolly are kept in simple but cool looking branded packets. Breaking the chocolate apart a satisfying snap indicated to us that they were freshly produced, their aromatic chocolatey smells also helped compound this effect. Expecting nothing less we were delighted to find some deliciously tasty chocolate at hand. The milk chocolate melted at a superb rate, and a lovely soft mouth feel allowing full expression of the amazingly creamy sweet cocoa flavours. The added white chocolate decorative pieces added extra notes of vanilla to the more prolific milk chocolate. As we said above the 35.0g amount was a decent amount though the amazing quality of the chocolate left us licking our lips wanting more.

Overall we knew these were going to be good and they certainly didn't let us down. Belfine have got such a solid milk chocolate recipe that we now have such sky high expectations every time we try their chocolates. More often than not they combine great tasting chocolate with some very cool, attractive designs. If they keep up the standards we have seen from them so far we are going to have to buy ourselves a dictionary to find some more superlatives. This are a great candidate for Valentine's this year - we can't wait to try their Easter range!

8.6 out of 10