March 13th: Ritter Sport Raspberry Vanilla

Kcal 576 Fat 38.0g Fat(sats) 22.0g Carbs 52.0g (per 100.0g) 

It may be a little later than usual but what with the wealth of products we have been sent since the turn of the year we can finally bring you Ritter Sport's Spring season line up. Those of you who are new to the site should be made aware that for every four seasons of the year Ritter Sport launch three limited edition bars - normally these takes the shape of two flavours carried over from the previous season year last and a new flavour to mix things up a little. This year for Spring 2015 they've seen fit to keep only one from 2014 and bring in two new flavours.

The first flavour we want to showcase to you guys this week is the Ritter Sport Raspberry Vanilla bar. As you would expect this bar is an addition to the 100.0g standard Ritter line up. It came int he standard 4x4 squared block grid and had the most amazing amount of filling running through the entire bar. The packaging and presentation was spot on for the season - it looked crisp, fresh and inviting which is what spring time should really be all about.

On the back of the pack the bar came described as 'soft milk chocolate with a raspberry vanilla cream filling with crisp rice cereal'. The bar smelt very fruity when broken apart and the dotted red raspberry pieces were distributed evenly amongst the substantial filling we talked about above. The taste started with the suspected standard Ritter Sport milk chocolate taste - nothing overly special but with an inviting crisp milky taste. The inner filling met our expectations with a burst of red fruit flavours breaking through the sweet but not strongly flavour vanilla cream. The rice cereal added a nice crunchy element to the texture but did little to effect the overall taste.

Overall we gave this a new Ritter Sport Raspberry Vanilla bar a thumbs in the middle to thumbs up rating. It wasn't one of the most memorable Ritter Sport limited edition bars we have ever tasted but it was a flavour that matched the season for which it was created and on that basis we were more than satisfied with what it offered. The sweet chocolate and sweet fruit combination will mean that it is a chocolate bar for those who have tastebuds suite to more sugary confections. If you have tried it and what to tell us what you think of it don't be shy and contact us @ChocMission

7.8 out of 10