March 18th: Belfine Easter Chocolate Figurines

Ladies and Gentlement - say hello to our new best friends here @ChocMission 'Mary' and 'Marc'. M&M as we will now refer to them, are the last two goodies we were recently sent by our generous friends at Belfine who sent us a lot of goodies for us to review from their 2015 Easter range. M&M are two large sized milk chocolate figurines that have been decorated with white chocolate - you can find them both on the Belfine website (See HERE).

M&M both weigh in at the 150.0g range and come beautifully packages in transparent film bags with pretty green bows tied at the top to conceal them. Just to clear up any ambiguity, Mary is the chocolate bunny donning the orange dress and Marc is the bunny holding the carrot in the black dungarees. I'm sure you guys will all agree these are beautifully crafted chocolate figures. The detail that has gone into making them look as cute as humanly possible hasn't been overlooked - you just have to look at the @ChocMission scoring chart below to see we didn't do that.

Like many of the Belfine chocolate products we almost felt guilty breaking these apart as it seemed such a shame breaking their cute little faces. As always though the feelings of guilt melted away as soon as the chocolate entered our mouths - too the surprise of no one in the team we instantly entered Belfine bliss! If you've read our previous Belfine reviews you will be well aware of what massive fans we are of their amazingly creamy, sweet chocolate. it really has to be tasted to be believed. The smooth melt, the luxurious taste, dammit we can't advise you try it enough.

Overall Belfine have outdone themselves every time we have dipped into their Easter 2015 range and these Belfine Easter Chocolate Figurines were just incredible. The standard of the chocolate is incredibly high and the presentation and design work is almost in a league of it's own when it comes to Easter bunny products. If you want a unique, innovative chocolate gift this Easter look no further than these guys!

9.0 out of 10