March 20th: Ritter Sport Hazelnut Cookies

Kcal 579 Fat 38.0g Fat(sats) 20.0g Carbs 51.0g (per 100.0g)

After receiving such a positive reaction last week after posting our review on Ritter Sport's New Raspberry Vanilla bar, we thought we better not leave it too long without giving our thoughts on their other NEW Limited Edition bar for Spring time their Ritter Sport Hazelnut Cookies bar. This bar on the wrapper came described as 'milk chocolate with hazelnut creme and hazelnut cookie pieces'. It sounded like a new proposition to us so more than ever we were very keen to try yet another Ritter Sport flavour.

Just as they all are this was another 100.0g Ritter Sport bar that came in a 4x4, 16 block grid. Just as we thought with the Ritter Sport Raspberry Vanilla bar, the wrapper looked ultra cool. We collectively thought the design work looked very modern and we enjoyed how the Ritter Sport branding didn't overbear the flavour theme which was clearly communicated with big on-pack pictures. Inside the bar looked exactly like it was depicted on the front and it smelt gorgeous with some lovely chocolatey nutty scents instantly hitting our noses.

The lovely hazelnut chocolate smells only fed our desire to try this chocolate even more so we didn't hang around before commencing our taste test. The milk chocolate that surrounded the plentiful filling was as expected - pretty standard quality milk chocolate with a heavy emphasis on the milky cocoa flavours we've grown to know and love. The centre filling however was unique to say the least - it was nothing like we had tasted before anyway. It was like a crunchy tasting praline, just a little more sugary and with a crunchier texture with the small pieces of hazelnut. It created an amazingly moreish taste - suffice to say the bar didn't last long opened in the @ChocMission HQ.

Overall we can only conclude that Ritter Sport have a great innovation team because these guys consistently bring out unique flavours on a regular basis. This Ritter Sport Hazelnut Cookies bar is one of the better Limited Editions we've had them send us recently. This is one of the few Limited Editions they have done which we will genuinely be sad to see go when they bring in the new Summer bars in a few weeks. Fingers crossed it is so successful that Ritter take the decision (like they have done a few times previously) to keep it as part of the standard line up. Don't risk it though folks - try it before it goes.

8.7 out of 10