March 25th: Hotel Chocolat Dark Egg Sandwich

We say this almost every year but we do feel a little sorry for these chocolate companies that every year have to come up with a new idea for marketing their new Easter egg chocolate products. It must be really hard to actually create a product that stands out from the rest - one that can truly be seen as something different from the other hundreds of egg shaped chocolate products do the rounds at this time of year. Well one brand that has always managed to come up with something new is Hotel Chocolat. 2015 hasn't proved to be any different, and this year they have brought these new Hotel Chocolat Egg Sandwiches to market!

These funny looking things come in 130.0g packs and are presented in triangular like boxes like you would find any packet sandwich shop! This dark chocolate variation came described as 'slabs of dark chocolate pressed between dark chocolate shells' and it looked tremendously unique with the window at the front of the box clearly showing the thick dark chocolate slabs held inside. Once removed from the cardboard box the amazing aromas of Hotel Chocolat's dark chocolate filled our senses. It felt a shame to break apart his unique looking chocolate but boy we couldn't wait to get stuck into it.

The slabs were thick but weren't so thick that they were too difficult to break apart. When we did they broke with a lovely fresh sounding snap - always the good sign of high quality, fresh chocolate. It's been a while since we've had such a large portion of Hotel Chocolat's 70% dark chocolate but it only went to remind us it had been way too long since we last did. The 70% chocolate was just as we remembered - awesomely rich in cocoa flavours, but with a kind, sweet undertone of vanilla and cream to it's aftertaste. It's thick, velvety melt meant the flavours remained in the mouth for a long duration after - chocolate luxury for all to be had!

Overall if you are looking to buy something different and more novelty based for a gift this Easter time you better not look further than this new range of Hotel Chocolat Egg Sandwiches. If dark chocolate isn't to your taste then you might want to check out some of the other variants in this new range - it contains milk, caramel and white variants to suit all tastes. We will definitely be checking them out after the great experience we had with this dark chocolate one. These Hotel Chocolat Dark Egg Sandwich may bot be your conventional Easter offering but it's never a bad thing to have something a little different in the offing is it!

8.6 out of 10