March 2nd: Belfine Easter Chocolate Pops

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Is it really March already!? You bet it is! That means all the nonsense holidays are out the way and it's time to get stuck into the better ones! We of course categorise our favourite holidays by the ones that bring more chocolate, and yes EASTER you wont be surprised to hear is our favourite time of year. The reason being of course here @ChocMission towers we are very lucky and we get inundated with samples at this time of year. Suffice to say if you are one of the many chocolate producers that send us stuff you have to make sure you stand out from the crowd and today Ladies and Gentlemen our friends at Belfine do exactly that.

Above folks is Belfine's amazing chocolate lollypop range for this Easter. The two ducks are named 'Kwek & Kwak', the two bunnies 'Benny & Nelly' and large bunny you see on his own is named 'Binky'. From the start we have to say this is why we love Belfine! Every one of their products is not only made with care in production, but also in it's design. Every one of their characters has an identity and one that kids with absolutely lap up and hook on to.

The actual presentation of the lollypops I'm sure you will agree is sensational. Everything from the cuteness of the bunnies to the natural looking yellow duck just looks fantastic. We've found ourselves thinking the presentation is so cute at times that we've felt guilty about eating them :) ... that's of course before we start losing ourselves in the amazing tasting chocolate of course.

The appearance will tell you these are aimed at kids but lets be clear - this is outstanding quality chocolate. It's not a milk chocolate that dark chocolate lovers will long after, but for those who like sweeter tasting, creamy chocolate the taste will be one you want to savour for a long time. All three lolly variants offer the same sensuous thick creamy milk chocolate, rich with cocoa and wholesome fresh dairy flavours. At 23.0g and 35.0g respectively they aren't the most substantial thing s ever, but for those wanting a small chocolate treat for themselves or their kids these are spot on size wise.

Overall like we did at Christmas we have to hand it to Belfine for both crafting and designing some outstanding Easter themed chocolate pops. The characters are fun, the presentation is amongst the best you will find and the chocolate is of supreme quality that can compete with the best milk chocolates in the market. If you are looking for something extra special to treat the kids with this Easter look no further.

8.9 out of 10