March 4th: Nestle Lion Pop Choc

Kcal 187 Fat 9.8g Fat(sats) 5.8g Carbs 22.2g (per pack)

Being the chocolate addicts we are it's almost impossible for any of us in the team to go abroad without trying some unique local chocolate to bring back to wow the rest of the team. Recently of the team went to Bulgaria and found a whole new variation of their favourite UK bar - the Nestle Lion. Far from it that they actually found something totally unique :) they got rather partial to these during their time there, and luckily we managed to sneak a pack of these Nestle Lion Pop Choc for a review for the site.

The Nestle Pop Choc packs weigh 36.0g which is actually a lot lighter than the usual Lion which weighs in at around 52.0g. The branding was totally familiar despite the obvious language differences. The English logo was still utilised with the roaring golden beast prominent on the front. Opening the pack up the initial aromas were very biscuity with the chocolatey smells on later picking up intensity on closer inspection.

Despite the use of Bulgarian being most prolific language wise the small bit of English that was displayed labelled these as 'crispy wafer in milk chocolate with mini cereals'. The obvious exclusion was the lack of caramel however at that point in the time we put this down to in inaccurate translation. As you can see from our pictures there were two different pop choc pieces in the pack. The first a milk chocolate and wafer, the next a milk chocolate and cereal piece. To be honest if there was a difference between the two we would struggle to tell you. They both tasted remarkably similar and in that both disappointedly a little bland. The taste never progressed from a very average sweet milky mild chocolate and was enhanced very little by either wafer or cereals. Our fears of the lack of caramel in the description were unfortunately realised - boohoo!

Overall despite one of our team coming back and singing the praises of these Nestle Lion Pop Choc we sadly couldn't make it a consensus that these were all that great. The lack of caramel was a real issue for these, it meant they not only lacked an integral part of the Nestle Lion proposition, but also that they lacked real flavour and that made them a pretty unsubstantial product on the whole. Nestle Lion lovers will likely be disappointed by these - one of the team summed these up well by saying they were like Nestle Kit Kat Pop Chocs but without the flavour.

5.2 out of 10