March 6th: Hotel Chocolat Milk Goose Egg

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

How do you like your eggs in the mornin? I like mine with ... chocolate on :) Pardon our poor jokes but Easter is coming up and we are getting slightly delusional with the amount of Easter products and samples we are getting sent. Poor us eh!? Too much chocolate too know what to do with. Sorry we will stop boasting now, suffice to say it's a busy time here @ChocMission and we simply wont have the amount of publishing time to bring you our views on everything we get sent this year. Luckily for you that means we get to focus on just the good stuff - I'm sure that what you all want to here about anyway! 

Under the spotlight today is this marvellous little Hotel Chocolat Milk Goose Egg. It's a 130.0g product containing one hollow milk chocolate egg decorated with caramel chocolate, and a pack of caramel egglets to go alongside. As I'm sure you will agree the presentation is simply outstanding. The milk goose egg itself could have been decorated better but the ribbon tied pack of golden egglets looked sensation and that was before we bit into them and the caramel started oozing. 

It was the milk goose egg we actually talked first though. Whilst we didn't have many comments about it's presentation above we were an awful lot more pleased with how it tasted! A concophony of milky, creamy cocoa flavours hit our palettes as soon as pieces of it entered our mouths - there was no one in team complaining during it's consumption that's for sure. That was good, but the caramel egglets were on a different level. These folks were just amazing. The milk chocolate, as before, the caramel however added another dimension of buttery toffee flavours that took the experience to OOTW (out of this world) levels - they were exceptional.

Overall if you know a milk chocolate caramel lover that you want to treat this Easter you need look no further than treating them to one of these. The presentation is pretty great but as ever with Hotel Chocolat it's the quality of the chocolate that really sets it apart from the rest. If you are one of those very giving people looking to by these as a present make sure you at least get to try the caramel egglets. These are different class and we've already sent a request to Hotel Chocolat to get a few packs sent across to us for a different review. Bravo Hotel Chocolat another success on @ChocMission.

8.8 out of 10