March 9th: Hotel Chocolat For My Mum

Guys and girls do no worry! We have got you just in time to give you our recommendation for Mother's Day this year! Yes if you didn't know Mother's Day is this Sunday!! Yes March 15th it is Mother's Day here in the UK and as usual we have gone that extra mile to make you aware of what is the great and good out there on the UK confectionery market this year. Surprise surprise our choice of chocolates comes from our long time pals over @HotelChocolat, in the form of their For My Mum chocolate selection.

This Hotel Chocolat For My Mum selection is a 140.0g chocolate box consisting of 6 different flavoured truffle variations. Namely they are Hotel Chocolat's Raspberry Pannecotta, Simple Milk, Simple White, Billionaires Shortbread, Dizzy Praline Milk and Dizzy Praline Dark. These all come presented in a lovely looking yellow coloured box and are contained in a sheeted inner tray with a sleek looking menu so that each can be easily identified.
We've saved you the trouble of having to read each of our thoughts on the individual truffles as you only need check back in the @ChocMission archives to find our thoughts on each them in different reviews. The collection caters for all type of chocolate lover, with milk, white and dark offerings on the table. For us the standouts were the sensational Raspberry Pannecotta with it's sweet and sharp fruity flavours and of course our all time favourite Dizzy Pralines with luxurious creamy hazelnut taste. The Simple Truffles offer variants for those preferring plainer offerings, whilst the Billionaire offers the all important caramel truffle - it's fair to say all bases are covered.

Overall this Hotel Chocolat For My Mum has to go down as our pick of the bunch for the simple reason it is a really well rounded selection of chocolates. As we said above, all tastes are accommodated for here. Fruit, caramel, praline and all chocolate types are covered in a selection that doesn't try to be overly ambitious with it's flavour variations. If your Mum is a chocolate lover (who's isn't!!), it's fair to say you can feel pretty comfortable with selecting this as your go to gift this Sunday! Get on the case sons and daughters - this is the one!

8.8 out of 10