April 15th: McVitie's Deli Choc Milk Chocolate

Kcal 61 Fat 2.4g Fat(sats) 1.3g Carbs 9.0g (per biscuits)

You could say we've come a long way since we first started this site nearly 8 years ago now. Back in the day Webmaster Jim refused, yes refused to review any chocolate biscuit products citing that 'they were a whole different thing'. Well things have changed a lot since then with new people joining the team etc and obviously most importantly our man Jim crumbling any finally admitting his love for chocolate biscuits. For the last few years now we've been keeping our eye out on the supermarket shelves and we've this week come across a whole new line of McVitie's biscuits to review for you - Deli Choc.

You will be able to find these new McVitie's Deli Choc is most good UK supermarkets likely priced on one of those lovely £1.00 introductory deals they do. Should you be so lucky to find one your £1.00 will buy you a 150.0g packs of biscuits that will contain 12 pieces. Finding them in a store shouldn't be too much of an issue for you, the packing is very noticeably McVitie's in terms of it's style but it's differentiated enough to probably catch your attention if you are on the look out for them.

On the pack these new McVitie's Deli Choc Milk Chocolate come described as 'biscuits topped with Belgian milk chocolate'. Probably in more hope than expectation were thought the chocolate here might be of better quality than your traditional McVitie's chocolate biscuit bar, it certainly looked like this might be the case when we opened up the packet to find some very nice looking biscuits that smelt pretty delicious. What followed was an experience that was for the most part underwhelming but by no means not pleasurable. Both chocolate and biscuit were so-so, sweet milky cocoa flavours and a buttery base biscuit that were neither special or immensely disappointing. Two biscuits went nicely with a coffee.

Overall we allowed ourselves to get falsely a little excited about these new McVitie's Deli Choc Milk Chocolate biscuits and on reflection we probably shouldn't have expected as much from these as we did for a product we paid only £1.00 for. As we said above the taste was a little lacklustre but that said if you were a person just hankering for a quick fix chocolate biscuit these wouldn't let you down in that instance. These are worth a try if you just want to try something a little new that isn't massively outside the remit of what you are currently experiencing. We are still going to go ahead and try the dark chocolate variant in the coming weeks. That review will be brought to you soon.

6.8 out of 10