April 17th: Green & Black's Dark Chocolate Lemon

Kcal 560 Fat 37.3g Fat(sats) 22.1g Carbs 44.7g (per 100.0g)

Green & Black's isn't one of our favoured brands here @ChocMission. We don't have anything in particular against them or even have anything to bad to say about their chocolate. Most of their range is fine, but that's it, just FINE. Their averageness means we find it really hard to get excited about reviewing their products, though one thing we don't ignore is when our readers ask us specifically to review them. Exactly that happened this week, with ChocolateMission fan Lucy dropping us an e-mail telling us to review this Dark Chocolate Lemon variety.

We found this bar on sale in Sainsbury's where it priced at £2.19 for a 100.0g tablet. This might not sound the most expensive bar ever but comparing it to the cheaper Lindt options that didn't sit to far away the team member who bought it still thought it was a little dear given the proposition. That said this Lemon bar wasn't too hard to find. The yellow wrapper stood out like beacon sat next to some of the duller coloured options.

Taking the chocolate out of it's lovely gold foil confines the reviewer was instantly greeted by strong scents of citrus and cocoa. The chocolate smelt like it was going to be strongly flavoured, though the 60% dark chocolate wasn't quite as forthcoming with cocoa richness as expected. The taste was still still stronger than your average mass consumer friendly dark chocolate, though the cocoa could have been amplified more greatly given the strength of the lemon citrus flavours established by the lemon oil. The lemon influence had a uniquess to it it has to be said. It was a chocolate best consumed in small quantities and not on mass.

Overall this was guess what - another average offering from Green & Black's. The taste tester who undertook this task for us what to stress it did have a unique lemony taste, though they also said it wasn't the best flavouring for dark chocolate to be paired with. Looking in the @ChocMission archive it seems the better lemon flavoured chocolates are the ones that are white chocolate based - perhaps something to learn there. For the record this Green & Black's is probably one you can miss unless you are a massive dark chocolate fan looking for something a little different.

7.7 out of 10