April 27th: Cadbury Dairy Milk Puddles Smooth Hazlenut

Kcal 505 Fat 27.5g Fat(sats) 16.5g Carbs 57.0g (per 100.0g)

If you think post Easter things get a little less hectic for us here @ChocMission you are sadly mistaken! Every year without failure companies like Cadbury, Nestle and Mars all release their new seasonal products, bringing out new lines, limited editions and new flavours to keep even the most Easter Egg indulged interested. There is no doubt that most of them are to make sure they annualise the prior year sales, it's almost they made a rod for their own backs the first year and now they have to follow up up every following year just to keep up. Well the new Cadbury Dairy Milk bars this year come in the form of a new 'sub-brand' called Puddles. We checked out the first flavour today - Smooth Hazelnut.

So far we are only aware of the bar being available in it's 90.0g form - this is of course not say we wont be expecting smaller and larger bars to appear in the not too distant future. Normally with Cadbury Dairy Milk bars we get to say 'it came in it's usual block form' however this wasn't such the case this time as the Puddles bars. The bar has a flat base but has what seems like more or less random pockets of liquid filling dotted around (evenly) on top of it. Don't get us wrong we thought it looked relatively funky but that's not too say it looked like a Cadbury product - we'll leave it to you to determine whether that's a good or bad thing.

The bar came described as 'milk chocolate with a soft hazelnut flavour filling' and on the cover of the wrapper it displayed what looked a runny, dark coloured innards. Breaking the bar apart without getting the liquid from the bubbles was at a little tricky and after a little bit of sticky fingers we managed to divide it relatively well amongst the team - on to the taste test. For the most part the bar tasted as we expected with a base of Dairy Milk loveliness! Unfortunately we found the hazelnut middle filling to be a little horrible. It tasted partially of nut but it wasn't committed to being a true nut taste. The worst thing was it's after-taste which had an odd metallic twang to it. Sadly we didn't want more of this bar after the first few blocks.

Overall what a shame this Cadbury Dairy Milk Puddles Smooth Hazelnut bar sucked. It had really good potential what with it's quirky design and implementation of a flavour they haven't done all that much with yet. The concept of a smooth liquid hazelnut centre filled us with great hope, yes we are perhaps comparing it unfairly to other great brands such as Hotel Chocolat etc, but when the comparisons are there to be made with products that are also so freely available you almost cant help but so so. Lets hope for better things for the next flavour which we will review on Friday.

5.6 out of 10