April 29th: Hotel Chocolat Kirsch Cherry & Hazelnut Buche

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ??? (per 100.0g)

We have a few dinner parties coming up in the @ChocMission household so we've on the look out for a stunning after dinner centre piece to finish off the evening. Now it's not out the norm for us to head to our pals to sort out our issue here, but we didn't want to get a usual box of chocolates from them - no we wanted something a little different to first draw gasps, but of course ultimately bring smiles to faces. The product that drew got the nod for this all important role last weekend was this Hotel Chocolat Kirsch Cherry & Hazelnut Buche - did you think it met expectations.

Most of Hotel Chocolat's Buche products come in a lot of different sizes however given the occasion this was being bought for we went with the 160.0g variant. If you've not seen our reviews of the Hotel Chocolat Buches before you need only know that they are long logs of Hotel Chocolat Gianduja that are designed for sharing with multiple people. On the site this one came described as:

'Our bûche recipes are filled with roasted hazelnuts, blended until creamy, and rich milk chocolate, making them meltingly soft and deliciously decadent. We’ve added succulent kirsch cherries and nibbed hazelnuts to this one, bringing so much tempting texture.'

This sounded like a cool blend of ingredients - we of course had tried many different flavoured giandujas before but never one that had used Kirsch cherries. The combination filled us with hope given past experiences with both of the products separately.

We are delighted to say all went down well with the guests. The appearance of the Buche didn't quite draw the gasps of surprise but the taste test got the unanimous thumbs up. It tasted of luxurious, sensuous chocolate that was packed full of woody nutty hazelnut flavours. The Kirsch cherries acted as a beautiful disruption to the texture bringing a slightly chewy, boozie red fruit kick to the mix. We didn't quite finish it given it's richness but it was well and truly enjoyed.

Overall this Hotel Chocolat Kirsch Cherry & Hazelnut Buche gets the big thumbs up from one and all. We've always been fans of their Buche range so we had big expectations from it and it didn't fail to satisfy. Of course your own enjoyment of this will be totally down to whether you enjoy cherries, hazelnuts and of course high quality chocolate :) If you can happily tick off all the criteria there then you need to go right ahead and get involved with one of these bars right away. Trust us you wont regret it.

8.8 out of 10