April 8th: Rolo Dark

Kcal 126 Fat 5.8g Fat(sats) 3.1g Carbs 17.1g (per 5 sweets)

These days it isn't all that hard getting the attention of the @ChocMission team. All you need do is simply stick the word 'New' on the packaging and you are at least good for one sale as it's pretty likely it's going to be getting reviewed on our site here. The cheeky devils pulling this very stunt this week was Nestle who have just introduced a new flavour variant to one of their all time most successful brands here in the UK - the Nestle Rolo Dark.

We found these on sale in our local Sainsbury's store where surprise, surprise they were on an introductory £1.00 offer. £1.00 for a 126.0g pouch sounded like a good enough deal for us, we bought a few packs and took them back to the office to give them the official taste test. Before we did that though we of course gave the packaging a real once over. To be fair it looked exactly like you would expect it to. It was darker in colour than the traditional lighter brown Rolo packaging and had one of those hand resealable stickers - it of course wasn't required :)

On the pouch these were described as dark chocolates with a soft toffee centre. They both looked and smelt nice with very forthcoming cocoa scents escaping the pack as soon as it came unsealed. Due to their mini size we went about consuming these in mouthful of three. To give you the short of the long the quality of the dark chocolate was ghastly. We were hardly expecting Hotel Chocolat here but the dark chocolate had a waxy, slow melting texture and it contributed little flavour wise. This of course made the toffee seem all that much better, it was just a shame the chocolate sucked so bad.

Overall these are not a new product we are going to be telling you to go out of your way to purchase. Truth be told we spent the whole time wondering why we hadn't just bought some packs of the normal Rolo with the milk chocolate. The dark chocolate whichever way you look at it just totally spoilt these for us. The sweet toffee centres were still highly pleasurable to say the least but the fact we had to suffer our way through mouthfuls of tasteless dark chocolate to get there was not an experience enjoyed by any of us. No repeat purchase here!

5.6 out of 10