May 13th: Cadbury Mini Rolls Banana

Kcal 115 Fat 6.2g Fat(sats) 3.1g Carbs 13.5g (per 27.0g roll)

After bringing you our very review of these new special edition Cadbury Mini Rolls last week in the form of their new Cola flavour we wanted to make sure we followed up rather quickly with our next. The Cadbury Mini Rolls Cola were indeed a disappointment however we had much better hope for these Cadbury Mini Rolls Banana flavour due to our love of both Cadbury chocolate and banana cake. These struck us as a much more conventional flavour to go with. Like we said we admired the innovative side of the cola flavour but from the outset these banana ones filled us with a lot more promise.

All 3 new flavours can be bought in most good UK supermarkets - you really are going to be hard pushed to be paying more than £1.00 a pack for these. As we said with the cola flavour you should really watch out for the packaging of these here. The differentiation between the three different variants is very small. The yellow colours used on pack for these are a little more obvious than the other two but just be sure you have the right ones when picking them off the shelf.

On the pack these came described as chocolate flavoured sponge with a banana flavour creme, covered in milk chocolate. If you look at our photo above you will see the middle creme was a very distinctive yellow colour. It looks great and plentifully portioned against the darker cake and it had a pleasant banana fruit smelt that further filled our anticipation. From the very first bite we absolutely loved these. Unlike the cola creme the banana filling was entirely complimentary and delivered delicious, real tasting banana cream flavours with it's lovely soft frosting like texture. Added to the sweet, creamy chocolate these were some damn delicious tasting cakes. We ate all 5 in a matter of a single sitting!

Overall all of us in the @ChocMission team gave these Cadbury Mini Rolla Banana a big thumbs up. In total contrast to the frankly bad cola flavour these were brilliant - everything about them was spot on from the way they looked, smelt and tasted. If you love banana cake and chocolate then these are going to be quite a unique proposition that we are struggling to find an equivalent for. Out of the two we have tried so far these are definitely winning the battle for the best special edition of the three. The last flavour is going to have it's work cut out if it's to exceed these.

8.5 out of 10