May 15th: Ritter Sport Buttermilch-Zitrone

Kcal 585 Fat 39.0g Fat(sats) 23.0g Carbs 51.0g (per 100.0g) 

@ChocMission fans rejoice!! Summer is here and that can only mean one thing when it comes to Ritter Sport! Yes three all new flavours have been released by our pals over in Germany. Well to be honest that's not quite strictly true. The three flavours of summer this year include the return of the Eiscafe flavour. Indeed the lovely creamy coffee ice cream flavour from 2014 has made a return which is something none of us here in the @ChocMission team will be complaining about anytime soon.

One of the genuine new flavours though this year is this Ritter Sport Buttermilch-Zitrone - to us English speaking folk that translates as the Ritter Sport Lemon Buttermilk! As you would expect the bar comes as part of Ritter Sport's 100.0g range and is suitably packaged in a very snazzy looking modern wrapper complete with a lovely lime colour second differentiator.

Out of the pack the chocolate smelt great. Not overly poweringly citrusy but still a hint of lemon was evident amongst the chocolatey smells giving it a lovely freshness. On the pack it was described as 'white yogurt chocolate with lemon buttermilk creme'. It looked attractive on the eye - not too dissimilar to many of the white chocolates we've seen previously but with a beefy filling that looked plentifully portioned sandwiched in the chocolate.

When it came to the taste test this one got the all round thumbs up. The white chocolate was elegant in taste - not overly sugary but creamy with a tart yoghurt sour finish that blended nicely in to the creamy filling. As we noted in the smell the lemon element wasn't overpowering and this was consistent when it came to the taste. It was mild but prevalent enough to the taster and it left a pleasant, fresh aftertaste. It was best eaten just a few blocks at a time, more than that and it did become a little sickly.

Overall we really liked this new Ritter Sport Buttermilch-Zitrone and thought it was differentiated enough to be notably different other similar Ritter propositions we have tried in previous years. The main difference between this and say the Ritter Sport Zitrone Joghurt we tried in 2008 (See HERE) was that this bar was a little less sharp and sour. This was creamier version of that bar and this meant it had a creamier, smoother overall taste. A good start to the Summer 2015 range for Ritter - bring on the next flavour.

8.5 out of 10