May 17th: Hotel Chocolat Cherry Deluxe Selector

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Every now and then you get the sense that the chocolatiers in the Hotel Chocolat kitchens get hold of an ingredient and focus on getting the best possible chocolates they can out of it. One of the things they seem to be focusing on this summer are cherries. Yes that small lovely little sweet red fruit we get in many forms in our supermarket. After trying the amazing Hotel Chocolat Kirsch Cherry Buche a few weeks ago we decided to next get stuck into these Hotel Chocolat Cherry Deluxe Selector.

We were sent a small selector box of these Hotel Chocolat Cherry Deluxe Selector. It weighed a 85.0g and contained 6 truffles that you won't be surprised to hear we polished off in the single sitting. The truffles came in presented in their usual plastic tray and transparent wrapper - we've always said we felt Hotel Chocolat truffles deserve a little more of a sophisticated look but our views of disappointment with the presentation soon turned to delight as soon as we bit into these truffles - look how amazing these looked!

Our amazement with the intricate presentation was only to be super seeded by how amazing the truffles tasted. On the pack they were described as 'whole kirsch-soaked cherries suspended in a luscious amaretto ganache, enrobed in milk and dark chocolate'. These sounded amazing and to our total non-surprise they were. Texture wise they were a dream - crisp outer chocolate, smooth inner ganache and an amaretto soaked cherry that burst with boozie sweet red fruit flavours. The creamy flavours of the chocolate and the ganache were an absolute delight and the alcohol fueled cherry innards were a perfect comparison. Lush!

Overall if you are after some chocolate truffles that fit the bill of having amazing chocolate, a touch of booze and some lovely fruit flavours then you wont be going wrong buying these Hotel Chocolat Cherry Deluxe Selector truffles. The quality of the chocolate is never in doubt with Hotel Chocolat but their excellence at blending it together with complimentary added ingredients makes them stand out from the crowd in a very busy chocolate truffle market. Do you fancy giving these a try? Let us know @ChocMission

8.6 out of 10