May 25th: Kinder Bueno Dark

Kcal 121 Fat 8.0g Fat(sats) 3.6g Carbs 9.9g (per stick)

Do you love anything Kinder!? Well listen up if you do because today we have their latest Limited Edition on deck to review and it's for one of their most popular sub-brands here in the UK. Yes folks for the first time in what feels like forever, Ferrero have done us the service here in the UK of adding another variant to their famous Kinder Bueno range. The last flavour addition we saw to this range came in the form of the Kinder Bueno White (See HERE), well Ferrero have decided to cater to the other end of the chocolate market and create this new Limited Edition Kinder Bueno Dark.

You should be able to find this new Limited Edition available in most UK convenience stores - we found them on sale in one of our local newsagents where we had to pay an expensive sounding £0.80 for just a single bar! That bought us a 43.0g bar that was formatted in the usual two stick, four block each format we've come to know and love with the Bueno. Presentation wise the bar looked very little different to the original Bueno, it was actually very hard to pick it out on the shelf what with the very little amount of differentiation that was on the wrapper.

The bar came described on the pack as 'dark chocolate covered wafer with a hazelnut filling'. Taking the bar out of the plastic wrapper the dark chocolate looked black in colour and had a noticeable, oily texture that melt very fast when handled. This inconvenience of course meant we had to get around to eating it quicker :) unfortunately the taste test also left us somewhat disappointed. Unanimously throughout the team we thought the dark chocolate was tasteless - it was neither sweet, nor bitter and delivered nothing in terms of a chocolate flavour hit. This did allow for greater expression of the delicious hazelnut filling but it was disappointing from a chocolate perspective.

Overall the Kinder Bueno Dark is not a product we will be purchasing again in the near future - we will happily stick with either the milk or white chocolate variants which we certainly much prefer. One criticism that is often levied at the other bars is that they are too sweet and that is a fair criticism. Unfortunately this bar doesn't solve this problem well, it rather just takes the chocolate out the taste equation altogether which I'm sure you will agree is not a satisfying remedy. This is a limited edition you can feel comfortable letting you pasty by - it's annoying as this could have been really great!

6.2 out of 10