May 27th: Mr Kipling Mississippi Mud Pies

Kcal 203 Fat 8.1g Fat(sats) 2.8g Carbs 30.3g (per pie)

We usually make at least a little bit of an effort to keep it strictly chocolate bar products here on @ChocMission but when we get so many reader requests through to review a product we simply can't deny our readership. To be totally honest with you it wasn't like we needed a massive push in the way of these Mr Kipling Mississippi Mud Pies. Mr Kipling's Apple Pies are a common treat bought in for the office tea room (if anyone is wondering it's the ones with the custard in that are our faves!!). Anyway today we went about the arduous task of reviewing the lesser known Mississippi Mud Pies.

We bought these in our local Tesco, on a £1.00 deal along with the rest of the Mr Kipling cakes range. This bought us a 306.0g pack of 6 pies. The Mud Pies themselves looked attractive on the packaging and we were glad to see they exactly resembled how they were illustrated inside. We loved the smells that emanated from the plastic packet, plastic tray containers. Aromas of chocolate and pastry only went to further expectations.

Described as 'light pastry cases filled with rich chocolate flavoured mousse' we thought Mr Kipling had under soled on how intricately made these cakes were. They chocolate layering was impressive, and made for a variety of different textures and mouth feels that clearly differentiated them. There were crunchy chocolate sugary sprinkles, gooey chocolate sauce and light chocolate mousse. Combined with the buttery pastry they made for satisfying yet deliciously moreish chocolate tart taste - these were yummy!

Overall we have to thank our readers for pointing us in the direction of these wonderful Mr Kipling Mississippi Mud Pies. Although we try hundreds of new chocolate products a year we still have our old favourites - our usual purchase of Mr Kipling Apple Pies will likely now be interspersed with our repurchasing of these Mississippi Mud Pies. We can certainly see ourselves buying these many times again in the near future. If you guys have any more requests feel free to send us them to @ChocMission - we are always delighted to hear from you, especially when the requests are this good!

8.0 out of 10