May 29th: Paynes Just Brazils Dark Chocolate

Kcal 582 Fat 40.7g Fat(sats) 18.2g Carbs 42.2g (per 100.0g)

Despite receiving multiple requests to review these down the years for some reason or other we've never quite made it around to reviewing any of Panynes's Just Brazil range. It actually took one of our readers (going by the name of Colin) to send us in a pack to finally get us on the case of a review. We are aware that the Paynes Just Brazils ranges currently comes in two flavour - milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Colin the kind soul he is sent us a pack of their dark chocolate variety.

Colin sent us a 60.0g of Paynes Just Brazils Dark Chocolate - this contained what we thought was a pretty lacklustre 7 chocolate pieces. The packaging and presentation was altogether pretty good and pretty premium looking, but the actual chocolate brazils inside looked much smaller than we imagined and their dusty looking surfaces didn't exactly fill us with all that much promise.

We shared these amongst the team and everyone commented on how small the Brazil nuts appeared in hand. Despite the underwhelming appearance the chocolate nuts did smell rather good so a more promising aire of expectation overcame us before tasting them. On the pack they came described as 'finest South American brazil nuts enrobed in smooth and luxurious dark chocolate. Having tasted them we settled on this not being an inaccurate description. The dark chocolate wasn't the best ever but it melted smoothly and established a decent enough set of non-bitter cocoa flavours which played well against the buttery inner nuts. Despite their small size a few alongside a coffee made for a nice after dinner sweet snack.

Overall we were pleasantly surprised by these Paynes Just Brazils Dark Chocolate. As we said in the main body of the review above the team weren't exactly blown over by the presentation and look of the nuts themselves, but when it came to the all important taste test they more than got the thumbs up from the team who unanimously gave them the thumbs up. As ever when it comes to nut products the truth is in the taste of the nuts - these were surprisingly high quality which leads us only to recommend them to you guys! Give them a try and let us know what you think @ChocMission.

7.6 out of 10