May 4th: Ritter Sport Honey Salt Almond

Kcal 562 Fat 35.0g Fat(sats) 16.5g Carbs 51.0g (per 100.0g)

First of all happy May bank holiday to all of our readers - we hope you are putting your feet up today and enjoying a good bar of chocolate to make the most of it. Now we are already 5 months deep into 2015 but it's taken us awhile this year to get hold of Ritter Sport's annual 'flavour of the year' limited edition. Thankfully despite the small delay our pals over in Germany were more than willing to oblige sending the 2015 bar over - as you can see this year's treat is the Ritter Sport Honey Salt Almond.

Now unfortunately for you guys we wont be giving away any prizes for guessing the weight of this one. Yes indeed the bar slips nicely into their standard 100.0g range and will be available from most Ritter Sport selling outlets for the majority of 2015. One thing you will have to watch out for is the packaging - colour wise it looks now different to the also orange coloured wafer flavour! The illustrations on the packaging however should be clear enough to help you identify it on the shelf.

Suffice to say Honey Salt Almond wasn't a flavour we had heard of before but boy was it good. The Ritter Sport milk chocolate was as expected creamy and with pure sweet cocoa notes. Dispersed throughout a plentiful amount of buttery almonds brought a crunchy texture. The latter stages of the melt and the aftertaste was mixture of sweet floral honey and a wonderfully contrastive salt lick. It made for a compelling, progressive taste that was enjoyable beginning to end.

Overall we always scratch our head when it comes to comprehending Ritter's is ability to come up with new compelling flavours that actually sound appetising. Coming up with new ideas isn't normally a strong point of confectionery companies with most playing it safe rather than trying new things. This Ritter Sport Honey Salt Almond just goes to show that bringing new propositions to the table and being bold is the way forward. This bar was simply delicious and we are willing to bet that like a few other 'flavour of the year' editions it makes a return soon after it's taken out of distribution. We say if you are are Ritter Sport fan go give it a try.

8.7 out of 10