May 6th: Mentos Choco Caramel

Kcal 412 Fat 8.9g Fat(Sats) 5.7g Carbs 79g (per 100.0g) 

Will someone please do us a favour and tell us what the difference between toffee and caramel is? Isn't caramel soft textured and toffee harder set? There has to be a clear definition - if you know it drop us a line @ChocMission because we are totally none the wiser. The reason we bring this debate up is because today we got the pleasure of trying these new Mentos Choco Caramel. You may recall it wasn't that long ago we tried out the Mentos Choco Mint Caramel - you can see that review HERE.

These Mentos Choco Caramel can be found in most UK supermarkets - try WHSmith or Asda if you are struggling. If you look hard enough you should be able to find these on sale in 113.0g packs of 3. The packaging and wrapper is nicely differentiated from the rest of the Mentos range - a nice shade of gold gives it good stand out against the rest of the Mentos packets though out of their wrapper you wouldn't be able to identify side by side next to the chocolate mint version.

We shared all these packs throughout the team in the morning expecting us all to come together at the end of the day to share our views on them. To be honest we didn't even make it past 'elevensies' without us chewing through all our packs - it was one of those things that you simply couldn't put down once you opened them. Now that's not to say these were anything that special. The outer 'caramel' portions were pleasant enough - buttery, sugary and with just a nice smooth chewy texture once warm. The inner chocolate filling was adequate at best - not overly well portioned but neither absent from taste. Despite being a little average these were more than just a little addictive - you had one you had that pack.

Overall we couldn't quick make our minds up on these Mentos Choco Caramel. On one hand we didn't think they were particularly great - certainly average tasting at best. That said we couldn't help by munch our way through them as soon as we opened them. We also certainly wouldn't turn down a pack again if we were offered another. If you were to compare them to the likes of the Cadbury Eclairs taste wise they probably pale in comparison. Don't be fooled though these wont be the first chocolate caramels you ever try. Certainly worth giving a try if you like the sound of them.

7.1 out of 10