May 8th: Cadbury Mini Rolls Cola

Kcal 115 Fat 6.2g Fat(sats) 3.1g Carbs 13.6g (per 27.0g roll)

Way back when in the days of 2009/2010 we went through the whole Cadbury Mini Rolls line up reviewing nearly seven different flavours. Back then the range was much broader, they used to dominate the shelves where the ambient cakes were sold but these days they stick to a model where they have a few in the core line up with several limited editions brought out throughout the year. Well it's that time again to launch a load of new special edition flavours and we tried out the first of three new ones today these Cadbury Mini Rolls Cola

You will be able to find these in any decent UK supermarket where you will see them priced at £1.00 for a 5 pack of 27.0g Mini Rolls. The flavours aren't the easiest to tell apart mind you. These Cola flavours are have only a very small red coloured 'Cola' label - just make sure you pick out the right ones when you buy them. Another thing we noticed on the packaging was the 'I'm really bubbly' slogan - this had some in the team shuddering at the prospect of popping candy!

Thankfully the team had nothing to be worried about there. Popping candy was well an truly absent from the Mini Rolls, though that's not to say Cola flavouring what absent whatsoever. Now as Pepsi Max addicts here in the @ChocMission team we all frankly really didn't like the cola flavouring one little bit. To us it tasted like the cheap nasty supermarket own brand type of Coca-Cola. It just didn't go with the rest of the chocolate and cake elements and one was more than enough for all in the team. 

Overall we don't want to be too down on Cadbury for trying something new here but these Cadbury Mini Rolls Cola were frankly pretty bad. As we said above the two elements of chocolate and cheap nasty tasting cola just didn't blend in the slightest. Would a better quality tasting cola blend with chocolate anyway!? The answer is probably not, at least these did nothing to convince us otherwise. Lets hope that some of the other flavours in the range have more about them than these did. 

5.2 out of 10