June 12th: McVitie's Medley Digestives Caramel & Milk Chocolate

Kcal 134 Fat 4.5 Fat(sats) 2.6g Carbs 21.1g (per 100.0g)

All of us here on the @ChocMission team would like to say we are very very busy important people but when it comes to us having 'no time in the morning for breakfast' it's more to the point that we like our time sleeping and prioritise that above a good hearty brekkie. For that reason it often means we are grabbing breakfast as we are running out the door - the best way to do that if you wanting cereal is to of course buy yourself a cereal bar, like the one we are reviewing today the McVitie's Medley Digestives Caramel & Milk Chocolate.

Now we bought these in a pack 6x31.1g bars for just £1.00! To us that was more than a weeks worth of breakfast so it struck us as super good value. We've tried a few of these McVitie's Medley bars too different levels of success, our reviewer at the time when the McVitie's Medley Hobnobs came out wasn't too impressed with them but they did have nicer words to say about the Medley Digestives so we were keen to try this very cool sounding Caramel & Milk Chocolate flavours.

Out the wrapper the bars didn't strike us as overly appealing and were really quite small looking. They were described as 'biscuit and cereals bars with caramel and chocolate' which didn't give too much away but looking at the ingredients closer we could see the main constituents being oats and chocolate. Taste wise throughout the team we couldn't give these more than an average. Often cereal bars can be overly sweet but these weren't that. The oats and cereal elements dominated flavourless though every now and then you would get a sense of both chocolate and toffee like caramel. Despite their size we didn't find them relatively satisfying - they could of done with being a touch bigger mind you.

Overall we don't like writing these reviews too often as they really aren't that exciting for our readers. Ladies and gents these McVitie's Medley Digestives Caramel & Milk Chocolate are average! Average at best, average at worst. If you are looking for a relatively decent standard, not too sweet cereal bar then you should give these a try if you see them priced as cheaply as we did at just £1.00. Chocolate and caramel wise they probably aren't going to satisfy you if you have a craving but if you are just looking for a decent breakfast you could do worse than one of these.

7.0 out of 10