June 15th: Hotel Chocolat Father's Day Signature Box

Guys and Girls it's Father's Day this coming Sunday!!! Yep June 21st are you prepared?? If you are scratching your heads wondering what to give your old man this year for Father's Day do not despair! Let us help you with your conundrum ... well let Hotel Chocolat help out should we say. Yes folks to the surprise of no one we are going to be giving you the low down on Hotel Chocolat's fabulous array of Father's Day goodies this year to gift your beloved Fathers.

Before half of you start hitting that red X in the top right corner because your Dad doesn't like chocolate - don't press it so fast! We have beer and boozie truffles - trust us no Dad will be turning this down! We are going to start off the week looking at the Hotel Chocolat Father's Day Signature Box.

Hotel Chocolat Father's Day Signature Box
A lot of Father's these days like to pretend that chocolate wouldn't be top of their Father's Day wishlist but I bet if you put this box in front of them many wouldn't be able to help themselves:

The box comes described as a 'box of chocolates for a Dad who deserves a treat'. The array of truffles includes a nice wide variety including their Raspberry Panna Cotta, Simple Milk Truffle, Billionaire’s Shortbread, milk and dark Dizzy Pralines, and Simple White Truffle. In the box you get two of each variety which of course opens the opportunity to nick a few yourself if he is feeling particularly generous.

We shared these amongst the team and the real thumbs up came in the direction of the Billionaire's Shortbread and Praline truffles. These have long been favourites of ours and thankfully unlike a lot of other brands the quality seems to vary very little year-on-year. Even those who prefer the slightly sweeter tasting chocolates are in for a treat here with the plain white chocolate and Raspberry Panna Cotta more than adequate for the sweeter toothed.

Overall we need say little more than if you are after a lovely box of Father's Day themed chocolates for your old geezer get involved with the Hotel Chocolat Father's Day Signature Box. The selections of chocolates is great, the presentation fantastic and there is just about enough to pinch a few unless he's being very greedy! Sounds a good mix to us :)

8.5 out of 10