June 17th: Snickers & Hazelnut

Kcal 240 Fat 11.7g Fat(sats) 4.4g Carbs 29.9g (per 49.0g bar) 

Every day here @ChocMission towers we get lots and lots of e-mails from PR companies notifying us of random upcoming new product releases. Most of them we classify as junk mail but every now and then we get one then gets us all a little excited. Such an occasion presented itself to us a few weeks ago when we first learnt of this new Snickers Limited Edition bar. For what we believe to be the first time ever we now have a Snickers & Hazelnut bar here for the UK. Back in 2011 we reviewed the same bar which was made available for a period in Australia. Given our love for the usual Snickers bar we were really looking forward to trying this slightly adapted version.

You should be able to find these Snickers Hazelnut bars on sale right now in any decent UK supermarket. They are being sold in both single and multi-pack formats, the bars each weighing 49.0g each. You shouldn't have too much of a problem picking them out on the shelves as the half green colouring on the wrappers giving them good on-shelf stand out. In-hand the bars felt sizeable and certainly packed full of nuts which was good to see.

On the wrapper the bar came described as milk chocolate with soft nougat, caramel, peanuts and hazelnuts. To be honest it did surprise us a little that the ration of nuts was 3 peanuts to every 1 hazelnut and we kinda feared that these might not be any different to the usual Snickers bar. Well fears were put to bed from the first bite! The woody hazelnut flavours came through strongly, much more than we ever thought they would anyway. As always the nougat, milk chocolate and caramel were there usual synergy of sweet chocolatey loveliness. The hazelnuts brought an extra flavour twist to the party to the standard Snickers proposition and was considered every bit as satisfying.

Overall the Snickers & Hazelnut bar is a great limited edition offering for the Snickers brand and should be sort out by all fans to at least give a try. We've seen some not so good Snickers limited editions of late - the feeble 'More Nuts', 'More Caramel' and 'More Choc' bars struck us as 'get anything out in the shops' additions to the range last year. The whole peanuts still in the mix thing didn't sit with us well at first, though it mattered to us very little having actually tasted it when we realised that the Hazelnuts were by far the dominant nut taste. Give one of these a try and let us know what you think over @ChocMission.

8.6 out of 10