June 19th: Hotel Chocolat Pale Cocoa Beer

Are you all scratching your heads wondering what to give your old man this year for Father's Day? Are you one of those 'old men' yourself who never asks for anything? Well let us help both of your conundrums out there ... well let Hotel Chocolat help out should we say. Yes folks to the surprise of no one we are going to be giving you the low down on Hotel Chocolat's fabulous array of Father's Day goodies this year to gift your beloved Fathers.

Before half of you start hitting that red X in the top right corner because your Dad doesn't like chocolate - don't press it so fast! We have beer and boozie truffles - trust us no Dad will be turning this down! We are going to finish off this week with the booziest of them all with the Hotel Chocolat Pale Cocoa Beer.

Hotel Chocolat Pale Cocoa Beer

A few years ago we did actually have the joy of trying Hotel Chocolat's first attempt at brewing a cocoa beer - HERE. That was a darker 'porter' style beer which we liked, but given our tastes our usually lighter we more keen to try this new Pale Cocoa Beer they have created for 2015.

'Our distinctive English small-batch beer, brewed with cocoa pulp and a generous amount of hops to create a refreshing, golden beer with tropical and citrus fruits. The fresh, lychee-sweet pulp surrounding the beans in a cocoa pod is just too good to waste. We hope you agree. Best served lightly chilled.' 

This beer was so good - we tried it multiple times trust us :) Served chilled from the fridge it was deliciously refreshing and very drinkable. As we expected the taste was much lighter with the smoother flavours and intensity leaving a chocolatey, fruity tangy impression after the initial yeasty beer taste. It was one of those drinks you end up drinking and then wondering where it all went - very dangerous of course when alcohol is involved.

Overall if your Father is anything like ours even he will love this Hotel Chocolat Pale Cocoa Beer. Even if he isn't a big fan of chocolate you may be able to finally convince him that Hotel Chocolat is still for him. The beer tastes as good as any 'proper' fresh beer, it's made in small batches so make sure you buy him plenty to stock up for this Summer! Hopefully we will all be needing a fair few to cool us off in the Summer sun.

8.6 out of 10