June 22nd: Hotel Chocolat Caramel Custard Blondie

Kcal ? Fat ? Fat(sats) ? Carbs ? 

Ladies and Gentlemen the Summer is upon and that means many things to us here @ChocMission. Most importantly of course it means Sun, Sea, Holidays and of course Summer Themed chocolate ranges. Summer to the average person doesn't like the best season to be creating chocolate given all the hot weather but Hotel Chocolat like to defy the norm and they always produce some outstanding new additions to their usual line up. This year they have added these amazing looking Hotel Chocolat Caramel Custard Blondie truffles to their range and boy did this get our team excited. These were a must-try for us when we saw the Hotel Chocolat Summer 2015 brochure - luckily enough we got to get our lips around them today.

These were sent to us a in a selector pack that contained 6 truffles weighing 70.0g. Luckily for us we got sent a few packs for us to divide among the team - just the sight of these in the office drew many a squeal - especially with the big white chocolate fans amongst us. Looks wise it has to be said they were impressive. Out of their rather ropey cellophane packet sleeve the chocolates looked exquisite and were nicely decorated with caramel streaks running right down the centres of the pale coloured chocolate. The chocolate were very flat however there was still enough room for a clear definition to be visible between the two sections.

We were told to imagine a 'love child between a creme brulee and a white chocolate chocolate' - this not only sounded utterly insane but also pretty damn delicious and the team were licking their lips just at the sight of them. In construct the truffles were dual layered with one layer of custard-white, packed with crispy caramel and another with a pecan praline and crunchy wafer. The taste of the two combined was every bit as dreamy as we could of expected. The taste was sweet of course, but it had many different depths to it's sweetness with elements of cream, caramel, nut and biscuit all coming to the fore as the melt progressed. Texturally elements of smooth creme and crispy wafer came interest at a real high which also added a pleasurable extra element to the overall experience.

Overall who could of guessed it but hats of here to Hotel Chocolat for creating a truly wonderful new white chocolate truffle. It is one that sees them combine several different elements that they do superbly from the creamy white chocolate, praline the two that really stand out at the end of the day in the taste. If you are yet to go check out the new Hotel Chocolat Summer range for 2015 we strongly suggest you go take to familiarise yourself with some of the new products they have to offer. They rarely let us down those guys and this is a final example of their excellence once again. White chocolate fans these are a must try for you guys.

8.8 out of 10