June 29th: Lindt Excellence Cherry Intense

Kcal 527 Fat 32.0g Fat(sats) 18.0g Carbs 49.0g (per 100.0g)

Last week we got an e-mail from one of our readers who effectively asked us 'why don't you ever review Lindt chocolate anymore?' Well to be honest with you guys we are massive fans of Lindt - but we've come across a little problem in that we've reviewed most of their products, the one's we have immediate access to anyway. That e-mail sent us on a challenge to find something of their's we hadn't reviewed yet. Luckily after a quick check of the ChocolateMission archives we realised we hadn't reviewed this Lindt Excellence Cherry Intense bar.

We found this bar on sale in our local Tesco where it was on sale at it's RRP of £1.89. This bought us a 100.0g bar - we've been reviewing Lindt Excellence chocolate for at least 8 years now and it's rarely been a range to see any price increase or worse shrinkage - we can't say that about many chocolate ranges these days. Something else that hasn't changed much down the years is the Lindt Excellence packaging. You would of thought it would of become a little old fashioned but we still think it looks as good and as premium as ever.

On the pack this chocolate came described as 'Dark chocolate with cherry and almond slivers'. Cherry isn't a flavour of chocolate you see utilised all that much in the higher quality chocolates on the market. We have pointed out at Hotel Chocolat have been experimenting with it a bit recently, but outside of that there aren't that many examples were it has been utilised all that well. To the credit of Lindt here we are pleased to say it was really well integrated into their 48% dark chocolate. The chocolate was just about right in terms of it's non-bitter cocoa strength. It had good flavour depth but it didn't overawe the sweeter cherry and mild almond elements which really came to the party as the melt developed. The texture was a little on the grainy side which some of the team picked up, but that aside this was a chocolate well liked all round.

Overall we are so happy we got a prod to head back over to the Lindt product range as we aren't sure we would have ever gotten around to trying out this Lindt Excellence Cherry Intense bar. As we said cherry isn't all that popular in the better quality chocolates, however both Hotel Chocolat and Lindt have proven of late that it can be done really well in the right hands. Lindt got the balance in the intensity of the dark chocolate used here. We are fans of their stronger recipes but this was just right to allow expression of both the cherry and almond flavours. This is a bar certainly worth looking at if you are a Lindt fan.

7.9 out of 10