June 5th: Bahlsen Pick Up Black 'n White

Kcal 522 Fat 27.0g Fat(sats) 16.0g Carbs 62.0g (per 100.0g) 

We like to think we got you guys covered when it comes to all things chocolate - no matter what corner of the world whether it be Asia, America, Central Europe; or whether it's pure chocolate, chocolate biscuits or chocolate cakes. In our attempts to do this it of course means we have to keep our eyes open for any new or obscure products that find out and about in the everyday world. Today one of the team found one of these Bahlsen Pick Up Black 'n White on sale in a local coffee shop - you can't say we aren't dedicated guys.

This biscuit cost our taste tester £0.50 for a single 28.0g piece. Apologies for only having the nutritional values in the 100.0g - I'm sure the clever ones of you that really care about that sort of thing can do the maths :) Any how we thought everything about this biscuit looked cool. The wrapper was very colourful and displayed the biscuit in all it's glory. For some reason we didn't expect the actual biscuit would look as cool as it did in real life - it certainly did though! The filling was mega generously portioned and looked like actual solid chocolate rather than a soft cream centre.

Much of the wrapper was covered in sorts of obscure foreign languages but after a little rooting around we finally found the description of ' white chocolate between two chocolate flavoured biscuits'. Now that may not sound the most exciting proposition, or anything too differentiated but trust us this was one very nice biscuit! The outer sandwich portions of milk chocolate biscuits were delicious - buttery, sugary, cocoa noted and every so slightly salty. The middle filling was a solid, layer of really nice vanilla hinted white chocolate. It was overly flavoursome but it was enough so to cut through the biscuit. 28.0g sounds small but trust us it really did the job as a nice sized snack.

Overall we are going to be on the look out for more of these Bahlsen Pick Up Black 'n White biscuits. We are told you can buy them in big multi-packs in Sainsbury's though our beady eyes haven't managed to spot them in our local store yet. We will certainly be looking out for them though. As you can imagine we try ALOT of chocolate biscuits and we thought this one was exceptional. If you like white chocolate biscuits this is one you have to try - there are many out there as good as this one.

7.5 out of 10