June 8th: Hello Kitty Milk Chocolate Treats

Kcal 525 Fat 28.6g Fat(sats) 17.1g Carbs 60.6g (per 100.0g)

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. You may have noticed we don't like being too nasty on this site. We don't often publish reviews where we have just bad words to say about a product but I was told this should be one we had to because we had to let every know just how bad these Hello Kitty Milk Chocolate Treats really were.

Of of our taste test panel found these on sale in Sainsbury's - £0.50 bought our reporter a 37.0g chocolates which she gave to her child. Now it has to be said the whole 'Hello Kitty' craze is somewhat lost on me. I've never understood why such a bizarre cartoon character gets so much love but that didn't matter so much here anyway. Take a look at the chocolate moulds in our pictures and you will see they had nothing to do with the 'Hello Kitty' character anyway - they seemed just randomly shaped 'things' which no one could say what they were.

As we said we gave these to small child of 6 years-old to try. Now before anyone goes ringing the NSPCC on us this was an innocent purchase and no we didn't make them eat the whole lot :) It said it all when our young taste tester said 'mummy this chocolate tastes bad'. Thinking the child was just causing a fuss our taste testing mummy tasted one herself and soon realised this wasn't a child just being difficult - these were intact awful! Tasteless, grainy, waxy eugh! Think advent calendar chocolate but leagues, leagues below! Totally foul.

Overall we felt it our duty to tell all parents to say well clear of these disgusting Hello Kitty Milk Chocolate Treats made by Kinnerton. Be kind to your children!!! If you are going to be treating them to a chocolate treat make sure it's a palatable one and not Hello Kitty themed please. This goes down in the record books as THE WORST product we've ever reviewed in 8 years of running this website! The first ever 0.0 out of 10!! Unbelievable huh!? Probably not on reflection. Avoid!!

0.0 out of 10