July 17th: Paynes Milk Chocolate Just Brazils

Kcal 574 Fat 38.5g Fat(sats) 17.1g Carbs 46.8g (per 100.0g)

You may remember that it wasn't that long ague we bought you our review of Paynes Dark Chocolate Just Brazils and were astounded by their quality given how insanely cheap they were. Well one of our very kind readers thought they would complete the spectrum of the Paynes Just Brazils range by sending us their alternative Milk Chocolate flavour. Long time readers of our site will know we have a habit of favouring the dark chocolate variants when given the choice but we had been surprised before so went in open minded.

The @ChocMission reader to send us these today was Stephen from Bristol - he said he found these on sale in his local sweet shop where they were priced £1.20. This did buy a seemingly small pack weighing just 60.0g though inside we were pleased to find 6 pieces (2 each that meant!). Speaking of the packaging and presentation they looked very little different to the Dark Chocolate variant we had tried previously. They were contained in a similar plastic tray and cardboard box combo which for the price was admittedly pretty flashy.

These came described on the pack as simply 'milk chocolate with brazil nuts centres' and they were decently sized - enough for a single mouthful but a substantial one at that. As we said above we gave each of the team two of these so we all got a decent enough gauge on their quality and overall we mostly had only positive things to say about them. The chocolate was expectedly sweeter than it was last time we had tried them and had a milkier, sugary taste. The brazil nuts still had relatively the same impact on the taste with their ultra buttery, smooth woody flavours a sheer delight from beginning to finish.

Overall these Paynes Milk Chocolate Just Brazils again went down absolutely superbly with the team and they would certainly be considered for a repurchase somewhere down the line. As we suspected they weren't our favoured variant compared to the dark chocolate ones but they were still a nice change up and one of the team did point out that in a perfect world Paynes would do a mixed box of both milk and dark variants. When you factor in the price we have no alternative but to give these a big thumbs up.

7.9 out of 10