July 27th: Marks and Spencer White Chocolate

Kcal 574 Fat 37.4g Fat(sats) 22.4g (per 100.0g)

We've never hidden our love for all things Marks and Spencer so when ChocolateMission reader Lucy asked us to review their white and dark chocolates this was not an assignment we wanted turn down. In fact all of our writers were dead keen to try these. Despite us being self confessed M&S fanboys none us had dipped into their chocolate bar range before. We'd tried their devilishly good melt in the middle chocolate sponge desserts but we'd for some reason never been tempted to trying their home home produced (and highly recommended) chocolates, until today of course.

Out new ChocolateMission excuse the pun gave us a fantastic excuse to head down to our local M&S and feel our boots with all manner of tasty treats. After negotiating the wafts of the in-store bakery and fabulous looking new looking BBQ range we managed to find a shelf selling their white chocolate bars. The 40.0g weight didn't have us gasping in excitement but it was cool to see they were at least on a £1.00 deal which meant they were relatively good value. Packaging and presentation wise the bars looked adequately smart wrapper wise though the writers were all impressed by the cool M&S logo printing on the blocks.

On the wrappers the chocolate came described as simply a 'solid white chocolate bar' - none of the fancy M&S sell-in that we are used to huh!? It smelt of nothing really particular so it was soon apparent we were going to have to taste test it to have any idea what to expect, to be honest it wasn't as helpful as we thought it might! That may sound a little puzzling but what we are trying to get at is that it didn't really taste of all that much. It wasn't half as sweet as your everyday cheap white chocolate however it lacked a definitive creamyness to it's taste and didn't have any underlying hint of vanilla or nutmeg. To be honest it was relatively taste less, none of the writers found it partiularly satisfying.

Overall this Marks and Spencer White chocolate very much filed to fulfil expectations and came up rather short in a number our traditional scoring system criteria. It was frankly a little bland to taste and it's odourless smell meant it did little to stir the senses. The wrapper wasn't overly exciting, neither did we find it all satisfying when it came to curing our hunger pangs. Oh dear, Marks and Spencer we wish we didn't have to be explicit with our criticism but it's simply not a chocolate we could ever recommend.

4.6 out of 10