July 29th: Snickers High Protein Sportscap

Kcal 231 Fat 5.4g Fat(sats) 3.4g Carbs 22.9g Protein 22.0g (per 376ml bottle)

In our quest to find the ultimate breakfast cereal bar we were recently contacted by a reader who sent us in the direction of these new Mars High Protein drinks. The range we believe has been rebranded from what it used to be known as 'Mars Refuel'. It now makes contains a greater proportion of protein and is being positioned as a recovery drink for those partaking in sport. Believe it or not some of us in the team are pretty active when we aren't sat behind a keyboard (yes really!!!). We didn't feel these were that relevant towards our breakfast option challenge but thought we would give a few of these Snickers flavoured drinks out to our gym goers to see what they made of them.

You should be able to find the Mars High Protein Sportscap drinks in most of the UK supermarkets. We found them on an RRP of £2.00 a bottle though they are often found on promotion were you can find them as little as £1.00. This still sounded like quite a bit to use but I guess comparing them to other sports drinks of this nature (high protein ones) they can be found upwards of £2.00 so comparably they aren't that bad. As you can see looks wise they carried all the branding that you would expect to find on a Snickers product with the addition of a cool looking blue 'High Protein' badge.

As we said to put these to the test we had our gym goers replace their usual protein drinks with a bottle of these Snickers flavoured ones. The feedback was mixed. Most of the team thought they tasted fantastic - especially for a protein laden drink. They said the usual Snickers combination of chocolate, caramel and peanuts was relatively accurately depicted. They said taste wise at least it was superior to their usual chocolate protein mixes. Unfortunately the 22.0g of protein per bottle didn't really stake up to their equivalents. Despite carrying a similar amount of calories they didn't get the same protein hit and they would do traditionally. This was a real stumbling block for our taste testers as they said this was the key thing they wanted out of a protein rich sports drink.

Overall we can't overly recommend these High Protein Sportscap drinks for the pure reason that they don't quite fulfil the consumer need that they need to satisfy. Whilst they taste good and capture most of the deslight you would want from a Snickers protein drink they don't do the business in providing you with the protein hit you are after. For this reason we can't recommend you replace your usual sports drink with them if you are a die hard gym fan. If you are more of a light hearted gym fanatic then these are a not option if you are looking for a more innocent sports drink to satisfy a chocolate craving after the gym. Let us know what you think @ChocMission. www.twitter.com/chocmission

7.0 out of 10