July 31st: Milka Bubbly Caramel

Kcal 225 Fat 12.0g Fat(sats) 6.8g Carbs 22.5g (per 44.0g)

Cravings are a funny thing aren't they? They seem to strike at the most inconvenient of times. You crave things you are surrounded with 99% of the time but the second they are out of reach you suddenly want them again. This very thing happened to our poor @ChocMission reviewer who was visiting Germany this week. The poor soul craved a Cadbury Wispa Caramel as soon as they left the country and we all know Cadbury chocolate isn't easy to come by there. In their time of need our reporter looked for an alternative and they settled on this Milka Bubbly Caramel.

This bar came in a 44.0g size and set our reporter back 1 Euro. That's quite a bit considering it's arounf the £0.72 mark here in the UK - that's on the dear side when considering it's just a non-premium brand chocolate bar. That gripe aside the bar looked cool. Obviously made by the same company as the Wispa the reporter expected good things from it, the wrapper looking as cool as it did certainly didn't dampen expectations.

On the pack the bar came described as 'milk chocolate filled with caramel, on a layer of lighter chocolate'. Out the pack the bar looked nice though and the cross-section revealed a nice 3 layer distinction as the description suggested there would be. Breaking it apart the bar was a little tricky to handle with it breaking into randomly sized chunks and oozing caramel. The chocolate tasted as you would expect Milka to do - sweet, creamy but lacking the depth of UK Cadbury Dairy Milk. The caramel added pleasantly to the taste with it's buttery toffee flavours but it could of been more generously portioned according to our reporter. The textural feel of the bottom layer melting in the mouth was a pleasant addition to the mouthfeel.

Overall if you are a Brit abroad travelling in Europe looking for a Cadbury Wispa Gold remedy this Milka Bubbly Caramel is certainly worth a look at. It's not as good as the Cadbury Wispa Gold but it's probably the best you are going to do so for that reason it's worth a try. Fans of Milka chocolate might actually prefer this chocolate if they are more accustom to the less intense, viscous milk chocolate it offers. The price point isn't one you would be keen to pay all the time as a Brit but if you are looking for a quick fix this isn't a bad place to look.

8.0 out of 10