July 3rd: Green & Blacks Thins Milk Chocolate

Kcal 565 Fat 36.0g Fat(sats) 21.5g Carbs 48.0g (per 100.0g)

Following on from our review of the Green & Blacks Thins Milk Chocolate & Caramel a few weeks ago we thought we couldn't possibly just ignore the other two bars in the range (especially when they were being sold off for next to nothing in Tesco). This firstly led us in the direction of the Green & Blacks Thins Milk Chocolate bar. It's not often the team buy a non-flavoured chocolate unless we are experimenting with different cocoa quantities in the higher end of the market. This bar in that regard was a bit of a nice change, you have to dive every deep into the archives to find the last plain milk chocolate bar we last reviewed.

As we said we bought this in our local Tesco where for some reason or other the 100.0g bar was being sold at a seriously cut price of £0.57 (surely not a delisting already?). Suffice to say we were pretty happy with this purchase, especially considering the bar currently sells for twice as much in Ocado where you will be paying £2.29 per 100.0g. The packaging and presentation fell very much into the same category we thought the rest of the Green & Blacks range - somewhat stylish but a little on the dull side. The chocolate itself looked pleasant enough on the eye and smelt fresh unsealed from it's foil confines.

The whole @ChocMission team actually got the pleasure of trying this bar so we weren't short of feedback to utilise for the review. The bar was billed as a 37% cocoa milk chocolate, that's near amount double what you would find from any Cadbury, Mars or Nestle milk chocolate. We tasted it across a number of different occasions - with coffees, after meals, with soft drinks etc. and to be honest it really didn't strike as particularly fitting with any of them. Yes it was a good enough milk chocolate, but in small squares it provided nowhere near the amount of satisfaction as say a dark chocolate would. The taste did have greater depth of cocoa than say a cheaper brand however it lacked the finish and lasting after effect to really be considered a really high end chocolate.

Overall for the price we got this Green & Blacks Thins Milk Chocolate it was an absolute steal. Unfortunately it's highly likely it will ever be priced at this amount again, we are guessing that this was a 'one and done' price to just clear the shelf space ready for another product. We are sorry to say but it's hardly going to be considered a big loss to anyone. As we said in our comments on the taste it was a step up from your real average run of the mill chocolates, but still nothing overly special and certainly not worth the few extra pennies you are being asked to pay for full price. If these Green & Blacks Thins bars are just another range you never get around to trying you should by no means consider that a disaster.

6.4 out of 10