July 6th: Booja-Booja Almond & Sea Salt Caramel Truffles

Did you guys miss our post last week when we told you that we had been send a big sampling package from our pals at Booja-Booja? Well fear not ... you can read up on our first Booja-Booja Chilled Chocolate Truffles post HERE ... 

Well today we are going to give you our ruling over our second flavour from the new range - the Booja-Booja Almond & Sea Salt Caramel Truffles. Now unlike the first selection pack we tried these were came in a single-flavour box, featuring six chocolates and weighing a total of 69.0g. 

Aesthetically the packaging and presentation was again impeccable. The outer box was fantastically decorated and exuded an aire of premiumness fitting for these handcrafted truffles. The truffles themselves on the outside looked no different to other Booja-Booja truffles but when we cut into them we could see small particles of nut and golden caramel.

Aroma wise these smelt a joy. Rich cocoa and burnt sugar scents sent out anticipation through the roof and we weren't to be disappointed. Texturally these were a triumph. Everything from the cocoa dust melt, to the silky truffle centre and touch of chewy caramel set the flavour delivery up expertly. The taste transitioned from rich cocoa and epic chocolatyness to buttery nut and sweet, toffee caramel. The hint of salt in the after taste was a fitting end to an epically rich chocolate caramel truffle experience. 

Overall I think we will be surprised if we try a better flavour in this new Booja-Booja Chilled Chocolate Truffle range. These were simply outstanding and struck the balance between sweet and salty chocolate expertly. Chilled from the fridge the mouthfeel these generate as they melt is out of this world. If you can't hang on to to see what we make of the rest of the range before buying some we suggest you head in the direction of these first. 

9.0 out of 10