July 8th: Tabasco Chocolate

Kcal 542 Fat 32.8g Fat(sats) 20.0g Carbs 53.4g (per 100.0g) 

Just over three years ago our fellow snack reviewing friends over at FoodStuffFinds (See HERE) were kind enough to send our site owner Jim a tin of this rather unique Tabasco Chocolate (Review). Back in 2012 Jim saw to award the chocolate a 7.3 out of 10 rating on the @ChocMission rating scale. Now here in 2015 and with the team expanded we decided to give the chocolate yet another run through the @ChocMission rating system to see if Jim was just being kind - surely a chocolate with added Tobasco sauce couldn't be the real deal!? Could it!?

In order to reconduct our initial review we first had to find this chocolate which believe us was no easy task. As a product of the USA we finally managed to get hold of it in a local US food importer. That said we had to pay through the nose for it. Yes we ended up paying £1.70 for just a 28.0g bar. Now we understand it has an added novelty factor to it's price tag but damn this was one expensive chocolate per gram. At least the packaging looked pretty sleek with it's plastic red wrapper nicely concealing the bar inside.

Back in Jim's initial review in 2012 you will see he remarked on the disappointing appearance of the chocolate which was lacking any branding or pattern work to it. Well three years on things hadn't changed here, as you can see from the photos the blocks still remained undecorated making it a conspicuous little snack to the unaware. The chocolate also seemed pretty innocent ... initially that was :) At first it tasted like any normal dark chocolate, non-sweet in flavour but never bitter. During the latter stages of the melt though the Tabasco came through, firstly with an added heat to the mouthfeel but then a mild peppery flavour to the taste. The 28.0g though small was oddly satisfying.

Overall we think Jim's initial review was probably spot on in terms of how it scored (we aren't sucking up!). The quality of the dark chocolate was average at best but the Tabasco element did bring something to the party to make it a proposition that was delivered on. If you are looking at this chocolate with a eye on trying a high quality dark chocolate it's probably going to leave you disappointed but if it's a chocolate with a novelty factor you are after then it's one worth your time. Just watch out for the heat factor!!

7.2 out of 10