Write for ChocolateMission .... YES YOU!!!

Since the site was created in 2008 the team here have always been bombarded by one question from our fans ... CAN WE WRITE FOR YOU!

We've previously never accepted fan reviews but the world is forever changing ... and so are we!!

We are now accepting fan reviews for www.chocolatemission.net!!

If you want to submit a review to us simply mail to with your reviews and pictures attached.


We follow 3 simples rules for reviews:

1) They must be no less than 250 words
2) They must have 2 pictures
3) They must be scored out of 10 (feel free to get creative with a fancy chart!)
4) They must be well written and checked for spelling and grammar
5) You must promote the reviews via social media afterwards

Why write for us?

The reviews will not be paid but you get a worldwide platform to publish your reviews and of course your love of all things chocolate. If you prove yourself and write several good reviews then we might allow you to review the chocolate samples sent to us by suppliers ... yes potentially you could get FREE chocolate!!!! At the end of your review we will sign it off with your name to give you credit for the submission.