August 10th: Snickers Hazelnut

Kcal: 240, Fats: 11.7g, Fat (Sats): 4.4g, Carbs: 29.2g (per bar)

Hello Chocolate Mission readers. For years now, @ChocMission has been writing this blog with the one ultimate goal of trying and reviewing every chocolate, but there is a lot of chocolate in the world, and so for the first time they have recruited some eager chocolate testers to help him out.

My name is Bryony, and I am one such candidate. I have been following Jim’s blog for some time now, and always enjoy finding out about different companies and new products through his reviews. I also like discovering his opinion on chocolates I have already tried. Just as often as I agree with Jim’s conclusion, I find myself disagreeing as well. That’s why I think this experiment will be an interesting opportunity to gauge other people’s opinions too.

For my first review I had intended to write about Hotel Chocolat, but for several days in a row, when it came to tasting time, I completely forgot I had a box waiting to be opened. Instead I gorged on cheaper confectionary brands.

On this occasion it was one of the nation’s favourites: Snickers. But this is not the classic Snickers, this is a special edition version with hazelnuts. Jim recently reviewed Snickers & Hazelnuts, so this is the chance to compare opinions.

I picked up a pack of four at Sainsbury’s on offer for £1 (usually £1.50) and was attracted by the bright packaging. My first reaction was that it looked nice, stood out, and was easily recognisable as the Snickers brand. My second thought was ‘why green?’ Green reminds me more of pistachios than hazelnuts (hey, there’s and idea). Then again, I can’t really think of a more appropriate representational colour either.

Upon opening the wrapper I could not smell anything, although if you shove your snoze right up close, you will detect the familiar Snickers scent unaltered by the addition of hazelnuts.

The milk chocolate coating is sweet and creamy, probably enhanced by the filling inside. This consists of a thick bottom layer of soft nougat, which has strong malty notes. On top is a layer of rich caramel, which almost tastes as if it has been salted. It has not, but I think the peanuts hidden inside create this pleasant illusion.

Apart from lifting the caramel experience, the peanuts themselves, which are normally the main focus in a Snickers, are subtle here. They here, dominated by the hazelnuts, whose flavour penetrates every aspect of the bar. Weighing in 6.3g heavier, I also find the hazelnut version more filling than the original. By the end, I am satiated and feel no desire to rip open another wrapper. If you are familiar with the current advertising campaign, ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry,’ I can say the Snickers & Hazelnut will stop you turning into Mr Bean more so than the plain peanuts.

As someone who is not a great peanut fan, I admit I much prefer this bar to the original. Snickers & Hazelnut is meant to be a limited edition, but I for one hope that it stays around on a more permanent basis.

Presentation: 8
Aroma: 6.5
Taste: 8
Sustenance: 9
Texture: 7
Overall: 7.7