August 5th: Maryland Gooeys Chocolate

Kcal 504 Fat  25.4g Fat(sats) 10.4g Carbs 62.3g (per 100.0g)

Despite having a multitude of very willing and kind American site sponsors we often find ourselves scratching around for a decent cookie when our cravings hit. Those of you reading this from the US will probably know that here in the UK when it comes to cookies we simply don't make them as good as you guys - in fact we only really have one cookie brand worth mentioning and that's Burton Biscuit Co's famous 'Maryland cookies'. Well Maryland have recently expanded their range to a sub brand named - Gooeys. This week in search of a decent cookie craving killer we decided to give them a try.

These are currently available in most good UK supermarkets where you should find them on sale in both a single and multi-pack format. For the sake of easiness we decided to buy the multi-pack of snack sized portions (this also helped us all get a taste of them without the keener biscuit lovers snatching them all first!). These came in a box of 5 packs which held 2 cookies inside at a time. Packaging and presentation wise we had nothing to complain about here. The snack packs were handy and just about the right size to enjoy as a mid-afternoon snack.

The Maryland Gooey cookies come described as 'cookies containing chocolate chips and a smooth chocolatey flavour filling' - the differentiator from the normal Maryland cookies obviously being the softer centres. Taste wise we had nothing to complain at all here. You could obviously claim that these cookies were actually more biscuit like but to be fair they weren't selling themselves on being traditional American cookies either. The chocolate filling centre did add more of an overall chocolate flavour hit, however truth be told we were a little disappointed by the texture which remained rock hard strong without the degree of softness we were were expecting given the name. That being our overall gripe we found these relatively satisfying.

Overall these Maryland Gooeys Chocolate were far from perfect but we collectively thought they were a decent enough option for someone looking to satisfy a cookie craving here in the UK. As we made mention to above the actual number of cookie options here in the UK for us Brits is extremely limited. Once you start looking past Maryland the rest of the market is really rather bare so we came into trying these not only having high hopes but we also high expectations. Luckily these were pretty sound and on a value basis we really had nothing to strongly contest about. They might not hold a flag to the likes of Chips Ahoy! but that would just be asking way too much. Let us know what you made of them @ChocMission.

7.6 out of 10