August 7th: WellMix Sport Protein Vanilla

Kcal 179 Fat 5.0g Fat(sats) 2.5g Carbs 20.0g Protein 14.0g

Our side mission to find the bets protein fuelled chocolate product this week took an international turn with us sourcing our latest product from Germany. This WellMix Sport Protein Vanilla bar is available throughout Europe, it's a bar containing over 32% protein and many many vitamins that we neither know what they do or why they are good for us :D They are though, so the wrapper says, and this week we substituted these bars for our usual breakfast cereal.

The bar came in a 35.0g form and was prime for eating on-the-go, on our way to way to work. The wrapper looked fittingly sporty and pretty premium. This was reassuring given we hadn't ever heard of the brand previously and couldn't really understand what the writing on the wrapper given it was mostly in German. As you would expect this was a bar we managed to consume in it's entirety in one sitting.

As you can see from our pictures the bar was constructed by an outside coating of milk chocolate and a crumbly, vanilla flavoured centre. Taste wise we were reasonably impressed with the outside chocolate. Given the bar only contained 179 calories and 5.0g of fat we feared the worst thinking the chocolate element would be only a poor imitation. Well we should have feared not, it was decently chocolaty and moist enough to give the dry vanilla innards enough lubrication to stop it ever cloying. The centre wasn't the best tasting thing ever but it had enough flavour to warrant us wanting another bite, it certainly didn't lack flavour it has to be said.

Overall protein bars can often be devoid of taste however this WellMix Sport Protein Vanilla bar defied the norm and was actually a tasty enough buy for a repurchase. These type of bars never taste as luxurious of fulfilling as a normal chocolate bar but if you are looking for a chocolate and vanilla bar with an added dose of protein goodness you can't go far wrong with it. Give it a go and let us know what you think @ChocMission.

7.8 out of 10