Bounty Treat Bar

Kcal 96 Fat 5.0g Fat(sats) 2.7g Carbs 8.6g

The lack of new products this year on the Chocolate market has been altogether a little shocking but one part of the supermarket that is certainly not letting us down is the chocolate cake aisle. Yes at the moment we can almost walk down there every week and find something new and cool to buy - this week it was the Bounty Treat Cakes.

You will find these in most decent UK supermarkets sold in packs of five and with 20.5g individually wrapped bars. The wrappers looking almost identical to their chocolate bar namesake. These Bounty ones looked really cool wrapper wise but admittedly they looked meagre out of their wrappers.

That's really the story to be told here. These Bouny Treat Bars were absolutely lovely. Chocolatey, full of moist coconut cake and just altogether down right scrumptious. Unfortunately they were just way to small. Why make these so small guys? They were finished off in a mere two bites by even our smallest mouth reviewer. It was a real shame.

Overall we had a bit of an argument as to what score we should give these as we don't want to discourage Bounty fans from giving them a try. These cakes are delicious, but they unfortunately just are substantial as a snack. Yes you can just take two with you but why they couldn't of just been made bigger to begin with is beyond us. Given them a try but beware - the packet will disappear fast. 

7.0 out of 10