Galaxy Duet Cookies and Cream

Kcal 193 Fat 11.6g Fat(sats) 6.8g Carbs 19.3g

Finally after what feels like forever we can can provide you a review in a new product launched here in the UK. Indeed he UK market this year has been bereft of new chocolates which is a total contrast to the previous couple of years where we've had a real hard time keeping up with it all. The first of the big companies to break the trend is surprisingly Mars, who have just added two new bars to their Galaxy brand line up. Today we tried  the Galaxy Duet Cookies and Cream.

We found this bar in our local convenience store where it was on sale for £0.50. In hand the bar felt very light l. A quicker check of the wrapper showed us it was only 35.0g size which even by these days felt a little on the small side given it still maintained the usual price of any other standard chocolate bar. Anyway we thought the bar looked cool on the wrapper and we were intrigued to see what it tasted like. 

Taking the bar out of it's cool looking foil wrapper and breaking the first two blocks apart we were pleased to see it looked like it did on the wrapper. The bar was constructed with different centre flavours running in parallel to one another - 'milk chocolate filled with a cream and chocolate filling with shortcake pieces'. It sounded nice and for the pat part it was. The chocolate was its usual creamy Galaxy self and was complimented nicely by the creamier vanilla noted filling. The shortcake biscuit side of the bar was also nice with the crunchy biscuit pieces adding both flavour and a crunchy texture. All round this bar got a thumbs for being satisfying despite its small size.

Overall all of us in the @ChocMission team enjoyed this Galaxy Duet Cookies and Cream and would have it again if we were offered one. The two flavoured centres in our opinion could of worked better perhaps being placed on top of each other but split apart they are also fun as you get to enjoy them both separately which gives them a more distinctive taste. The size might be an issue for the hungrier consumer but we felt it was just about the right amount. Give it a try and let us know what you think @Chocmission.

8.3 out of 10