Milky Way Treat Cake Bars

Kcal 91 Fat 4.5g Fat(sats) 2.3g Carbs  8.6g (per 20.5g)

After trying the Bounty Cake Treat Cake Bars a few weeks ago we got messaged straight away by chocolate hungry ChocolateMission readers wanting us to try one of the other variants in the range - the Milky Way Treat Cake Bars. We don't like to say no so we of course obliged.

As with the Bounty Treat Cake Bars you will be able to find these on sale in any of your local UK supermarket - no doubt on some form of £1.00 a pack deal/special offer. The bars come in very cool looking wrappers not to dissimilar to the original bars. As good as they look we bet you all the money in world that your reaction when opening them will be 'hmmm this looks small' 😉😀

Some of the readers who read our last review felt the need to defend Mars for their decision to make them such a small size and pointed to the fact they were only 91 calories each. Well that's all fair enough folks but trust us you will feel disappointed that they are when you actually taste how good they are. With a crisp outer shell of milk chocolate and moist inner vanilla cake you be left wanting more after your seldom two bites. They taste so good but there is simply no escaping their size.

Overall we can almost rinse repeat what we said in our Bounty Treat Cake Bar review and its that these are very very tasty chocolate cake bars but there is no escaping they simply aren't going to settle a rumbling tummy. If you are on a diet and want a chocolatey treat these could be worth a look at but we would then question whether you will be able to hold your will and not just dive in for a second 😁😁 we simply couldn't help ourselves.

6.9 out of 10