Belfine’s Arthurian & Sport Lollipops

Today we are taking a trip across the channel to The Chocolate Country, AKA, Belgium. Famed as being one of the best makers of chocolate in the world, it is home to Belfine, who celebrate their twentieth anniversary this year. Belfine may be relatively young in years compared to other centuries old manufacturers, but they have certainly made a name for themselves due to the impeccable quality of their products.

All of Belfine’s chocolate is made from Madagascan cocoa beans, and all their designs are made in-house. Befline specialises in hollow figures and lollipops with incredibly cute characters aimed at children, and think that children deserve just as good a quality chocolate as adults.

While their designs are original, the names appear to be inspired by already popular characters, such as the legendary Sir Lancelot, Shrek's Princess Fiona, and Elliott Dragon from Disney film, Pete's Dragon. Amongst the sporting characters you will find Footballer Vincent and Hockey Player Wayne in different coloured uniforms. So whether your kids dream of being a knight in shining armour or the most skillful sportsman, there will be a gift to suit.

The majority of the chocolate is milk, but Belfine cleverly uses dark and white to decorate and colour the characters in different shades. This is mainly for aesthetic purposes and does not really affect the overall taste, although there is a faint difference in the gorgeous aroma.

The lollipops are incredibly smooth and ultra creamy in texture, filling your mouth with milky sweet vanilla perfection, which is very warming. They may only weigh in at 35g each, but these lollipops are designed to be sucked slowly rather than gobbled in an instant. While a Dairy Milk bar double the weight could easily be wolfed down in thirty seconds, Belfine’s chocolate is meant to be enjoyed over time, leaving you feeling full and satisfied with a much smaller quantity.

This is my first sample of Belfine chocolate and it is undoubtedly one of the best milk chocolates I have ever tasted. It might feel slightly embarrassing to be seen sucking on a lollipop clearly designed for kids, but if you do it in private no one will know.

Presentation: 9.5
Aroma: 9
Taste: 10
Sustenance: 9
Texture: 10
Overall: 9.5