Cadbury Boost Bites

Kcal 124 Fat 6.9g Fat(sats) 4.6g Carbs 14.0g (per 6 pieces)

It was announced a few weeks ago that one of our all time favourite Cadbury chocolates was going to get a new lease of life like we had never seen before:

Cadbury is bringing one of its brands to the chocolate bags category with the launch of Cadbury Boost Bites. 
Available from 3rd August, Cadbury Boost Bites features bitesize portions of the countline and is designed for sharing with a partner, family or friends for a sweet treat in the evening.

As big Cadbury Boost fans this was totally music to our ears and after weeks and weeks of searching of our local supermarket for them we eventually found them on sale in Tesco for £1.00.
So how good are they? Well we thought the bag itself looked very cool and stood out brilliantly in the shelf thanks to the vibrant design. 

The Boost Pieces themselves at first shocked us with their size and weight. They were tiny and the total bag weighed only 105.0g which wasn't news that was welcomed by all of the @ChocMission crew. 

Taste wise however none of us had any issues. Despite their small size they still managed to pack in everything we loved about the original Cadbury Boost bar. Lovely sweet as sin milk chocolate, crumble biscuit in the middle and chewy, buttery caramel surrounding the softer centre - 'epic deliciousness' as one of the team put it 😂😂

Overall despite the packet disappearing way, WAY to fast for all our liking these Cadbury Boost Bites were very well liked. To be honest if you are planning to share them among more than two of you it's likely you are going to be very unimpressed. They taste so good you will all just keep coming back for more and the bag will empty in a matter of minutes. If thats no issue for you then we say dive right in! They aren't quite right for a sharing occasion but trust us they are prime candidates for a slow movie watching chocolate graze. 

8.1 out of 10