Graze Chocolate Box

Who here is guilty of munching their way through chocolate before a main meal? Come on, let’s see a show of hands. For all of those brave enough to admit it, today I am going to introduce you to something a bit different. Graze is the snackers guide to eating healthily between meals. They offer a variety of snack boxes, including a Chocolate Box with twenty-five types of snacks available. These boxes are sent through the post at your convenience for £3.99, and you can rate each snack as ‘try’, ‘like’, ‘love’, or ‘bin’ so you only ever get what you want.

A Graze box may look a bit plain and boring, but it is made from recycled cardboard, and for the sake of being environmentally friendly, I am more than happy to forego exciting packaging. Inside are four recyclable sealed plastic tubs, each containing a chocolatey snack to hold off those cravings until dinnertime. This week I received two dips, a flapjack, and some cereal.

Dark Chocolate Dip with Cranberry & Hazelnut Toast

Kcal 139 Fat 7.1g Fat (sats) 1.5g Carbs 17g (per punnet)

These cute miniature pieces of toasts have a texture rather like biscotti, and a mild mix of sweet and savoury flavours. The distribution of fruit and nuts is somewhat uneven, with some pieces only containing cranberries, and other only containing hazelnuts. The reason is due to its size– one nut is almost half the size of a piece of toast, so there simply is not enough room to fit anymore in. To be honest, the toast is pretty forgettable, and its only true purpose is to act as a spoon for the chocolate dip, which is much more satisfying with its subtle dark tones.  

White Chocolate Dip with Blueberry Toast

Kcal 130 Fat 6.2g Fat (sats) 1.7g Carbs 16g (per punnet)

I can pretty much reiterate my opinion of the toast in this punnet, only in this version, the smaller blueberries provide better distribution. As before, the ratio between the toast and dip also needs some work; I ran out of toast long before I ran out of white chocolate. The dip was thick, creamy, and not overly sweet; it even took on the flavour of the blueberries, making it extra tasty.

Honeycomb Flapjack

Kcal 241 Fat 12g Fat (sats)  4.1g Carbs 29g (per punnet) 

On a chocolate front you will be disappointed with these flapjacks, as all you get is a small drizzle across the top, which gets lost in the overall experience. Not looking at it from a chocolate point of view, however, these honeycomb flapjacks are delicious. Soft oats mingle with the sweet taste of golden syrup and honey, and are incredibly moreish. The three small pieces do not particularly fill you up, but on the other hand, the portion control does stop you eating too much, meaning it remains a light treat rather than an unhealthy indulgence.

Dark Rocky Road Granola Topper

Kcal 149 Fat 5.4g Fat (sats) 1.6g Carbs 21g (per punnet)

This is something you are more likely to have with your breakfast than as an actual in between snack. It is designed to be sprinkled on top of your cereal, porridge, yoghurt, etc, but it can equally be enjoyed by itself or with just a small splash of milk. The combination of Cornish fudge with cherries makes for a good sweet/sour contrast, and if you add milk, it is very refreshing. Despite the granola, I do feel that the ‘healthy’ claim is pushed to the boundaries here, but gram for gram it is lot better for you than a chocolate bar or bowl of Cocoa Pops. 

If you are looking for a healthy chocolate snack then you can get a free box by using the code voucher N33HGLVNB. It can be used by multiple people, so get snacking.

Presentation: 7
Aroma: 7
Taste: 8
Sustenance: 7
Texture: 7.5
Overall: 7.3