Kit Kat Mocha

Kcal 232 Fat 11.3g Fat(sats) 6.4g Carbs 29.4g (per bar)

Although things have certainly picked up lately, the UK confectionery market has been bereft when it comes to Limited Edition/New chocolates from the big companies like Cadbury, Mars and Nestle. The Nestle Kit Kat range is one that can always be relied on for trying something new each year though. Whether it's their Limited Edition Kit Kat Chunky competitions or coming up with new flavours for their supermarket two-finger bars, one range they've never played around with much is their four-finger bars - until now that is.

Nestle have just released this new Kit Kat Mocha four-finger limited edition bar. You should be able to find it on sale in most good UK supermarkets and convenience stores. It weighs the standard 45.0g (the same as all the other four-finger Kit Kat bars) and you should be able to find it on sale for £0.55 or 2 for £0.80 if you are lucky enough. The wrapper shouldn't be too hard to hard to pick out from the other Kit Kat flavours. It's noticeably a lighter colour of brown than the others so you really shouldn't have any problems picking it out.

Opening up the foil seal the first thing we noticed was the lovely coffee aromas that emanated out. The Kit Kat itself looked no different to the usual milk chocolate variant. The wafers a lovely golden brown and the thin layers of chocolate creme running through them made them look very appealing on the eye. Being big chocolate coffee fans we were very excited to try these and I'm pleased to say we really liked it. As you would expect with a mocha chocolate it wasn't the strongest coffee wise however, it worked nicely with the chocolate and wafer of the Kit Kat. All four fingers were a very sizeable snack for all of us.

Overall this is one Limited Edition from Kit Kat you need to be getting hold of. Milk chocolate and coffee combinations from the bigger organisations aren't always the best but this is one more than holds its own with any of the other Kit Kat limited editions we've seen of late. If you after an espresso strength chocolate you don't need me to tell you that you will be disappointed here. If you are happy with just a standard milk chocolate Kit Kat that has a touch of coffee involved then go give this one a try. Let us know what you think @ChocMission.

8.4 out of 10